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Our Services

Reeverian Concepts LLC is a development company that specializes in the development of educational materials, specialize musical projects, martial arts training aids and education, textbooks and other published materials for your learning experience, photographic service and portfolio building for models, branding images for business owners and much more.

Educational Materials

As a developmental company Reeverian Concepts LLC develops ministerial and leadership instructional materials in many unique fields of study as well as martial arts instructional materials in book format, CD instructional formats and in DVD format.  Our Educational Department also sponsors classes, seminars and symposiums for groups, organizations, churches etc.  We develop martial arts curriculum, ministerial certification material and much more.  With our own research and development team and department our educational materials are not only original but academic, practical and economical.

Intellectual, Artistic & Other Properties

As a development company Reeverian Concepts creates intellectual properties such as our fiction novels, original music through our publishing and production arms.

Important Links

As A multifaceted research company part of our endeavors includes our RRG (Reeverian Research Group) and our RRGI (Reeverian Research Group) TV.  Become a subscriber to our site and gain access at the links below. Link (Click Links Below)

Audio Lectures

Apostolicity is one of our sister sites that provides instructional lectures that focus on Apostolic Doctrine and Apostolic instruction

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